Meet Victor

The Founder of Getting Beyond Barriers , Victor knows what it takes to drive individual and organizational change. He is a true catalyst for igniting shifts which bring about personal and professional change, regardless of circumstances.

A sober addict for almost 4 decades, he has a passion for eradicating any notion that our lives don't matter and that we cannot overcome the disease of addiction. To that end he has made it his life's work to educate and appreciate addicts and families suffering as well as those who work in the industry of addiction treatment and all manner of human services.P HERE

His transparent approach to sharing himself, gives his audience a sense of what it is to be human while inviting them to look inward at themselves. It is there that each finds reasons to transform areas that matter to them and what they care about. A published inspirational author, Victor speaks with passion, power, and purpose. His goal is to strategically assist whomever his audience in connecting the dots necessary to lead them beyond what they saw as possible.