Leadership and Personal Development Speaker

Victor Lee is a Human Services professional, and a dynamic and engaging speaker and author. Currently residing in Phoenix, AZ, his message is authentic and offers a fresh, fascinating, and unique perspective on difficult topics. He shamelessly uses his personal life experiences as platforms for reaching others! He is an advocate of change, overcoming obstacles, and breaking through the barriers which only appear to have us stopped!  


Victor Lee is a Human Services Professional. Having overcome addiction for more than 34 years; he believes that everyone has potential, promise, and purpose. Many had written him off. Through proven processes that inspire and empower, anyone can learn to live a life of intention. He is just one of many who have proven that out.  

Victor has over 20 years of experience in facilitating conversations with a variety of audiences. As a professional development strategist, he partners with CEO's, Executives, Managers, and Individuals to grow their personal and professional brands. When we stop improving our passion for delivering and exceptional product and experience wanes. He spent eight years in Aerospace Engineering, where he worked on projects such as the Space Shuttle Orbiter 103, and the Intelligence Sattlelite. He then began a 16-year career as a Mortgage Finance professional. It was there he developed a passion for speaking, training, teaching, and inspiring change.  

Victor knows what it takes to drive individual and organizational change. Understanding the importance of elevating personal and corporate performance, he assists each in getting the results they intend. His humble approach gives his audience a sense of what it is to be human. His we and our approach is inviting. A published author, Victor speaks with passion, power, and purpose. His goal is connecting the dots, leading audiences from ordinary to extraordinary.  

He is not a lecturer. Instead, he manages to masterfully engage and work the entire room creating conversations and making connections that keep everyone engaged and involved. He passionately delivers on even a tough topic and believes that limiting beliefs is what, more often, what makes the possible, only seem impossible for us to achieve. When we become willing to take ourselves and our lives on through new and empowering views, it will cause the necessary shifts to get us into action at levels often beyond what some have ever achieved. Believing is seeing, and it never happens any other way. When we lead with a belief, we have more clarity for where we are going. Victor Lee's life work is to facilitate change in individuals and organizations who have a next-level desire and the commitment necessary to "do something for the change they seek." 



  • Gonzaga University School of Leadership Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership Gonzaga University MA, Minor in Servant Leadership Ottowa University BA in Human Services Rio Salado College AAS in Chemical Dependency/Addiction Rio Salado Colleges Counseling Certification  

When he is not speaking, Victor is a Primary Therapist in Scottsdale, AZ, where he works with individuals and families struggling with drug addiction. He has made it his life's to be a for change. His transformative and motivational approach influences shifts leaving people touched moved, and inspired by the experience

An Inspiring Author, his books Making Sense out of Life’s Trials, Making Sense out of Addiction, and Making Sense out of Reflections: Quotes for Difficult Moments are potent tools for inspiring change! His goal as a writer and speaker is to influence shifts that allow our ultimate potential to come forth.