• Our goal is to assist you in the areas of life which really matter to you. Sometimes it is just a matter of moving our ladder to another wall and then often it is finding a wall we want to climb.

There is nothing greater than having your own personal coach.

  • Imagine having the type of breakthroughs that only seem to happen for others.
  • Imagine being able to discuss the challenging areas of relationships, goals, careers, addiction, and missteps that continue to seem to hold you back.
  • Now, Imagine CREATING a life you love and enjoy while being inspired by the process!



Every one of us has created the experience of life we have in one way or another. Not as in "it is our fault" however, it is our responsibility to change it. We can now learn how we can create a life that we love and enjoy. Blame has not changed anything. Mitchell Tolle said, "In times of challenge we don't have a problem, we have a decision to make." What have you decided? Either we become "cause" in the matter of what we want or we will continue to have what we've already got! We are willing to bet that for many that what we have is not all that we desire.


Coaching is a non-therapeutic approach, not counseling to assist individuals, and organizations in   recognizing barriers, perceived or otherwise. Whether you are dealing with career challenges, relationships, communication, addictions, or overcoming a challenging past, coaching can help by getting you into action in the areas of needed change and desire. How we see our world has everything to do with how we respond to life. Coaching assists you in not just recognizing but gives you access to transforming whatever only appears to have you stopped.


Many successful people have a coach. Not just athletes, but executives, students, those new to a career, and others. Coaching has proven to be one of the most direct ways to impact one’s life while maximizing their results. When we more fully understand the power we hold to literally transform our lives, that is the beginning of a whole new experience of ourselves. This one step for most creates the space for new ways of being that for some are litterally earth moving.  


Coaching is a participatory process. It only works when you engage and are committed to taking on your life. It is not about liking what you see or the process. It is about owning all of it in a way that has you committed to dealing with it, which means have it be different. This is not about me or anyone else fixing you. It is about assisting you in first recognizing what has you stopped and then you learning to take authority over those areas of your life. The moment you take action will become the beginning of a whole new way of being. What you will walk away with is more power and freedom than you may have ever imagined. Now it’s your move!

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