"It is not enough to say we are doing all that we can, if what we are doing is not working."

Victor Lee

Founder Getting Beyond Barriers 2010

Founder GBB Inspirational Recovery, LLC 2023




This 18-hour session consists of six-3 hour modules designed to educate family members and those supporting a suffering loved one in ways that will reshape current beliefs. The overarching goal is to assist each in better supporting their loved ones while also caring for themselves.

When we hear the word change, we sometimes automatically go into fight-fight mode. It provokes in us that something is wrong with us. However, change is necessary, and it gives us access to the initiative it takes to move in ways we may never have. We can't be where we won't go. If we are looking for our loved ones to heal, we just may have to do some healing ourselves. It will surprise you at all that you will learn.


Here's what you will learn and more:


  • Module I: What You Don’t Know About Addiction
  • Module II: Co-Dependency and Enabling Patterns
  • Module III: Unhealthy Thinking Patterns and Defense Mechanisms
  • Module IV: Communication: The Problem to the Answer
  • Module V: Setting and Maintaining Healthy Boundaries
  • Module VI: Rediscovering Life After Treatment

“The natural gift that Victor possesses is one that all should have the pleasure to experience.” 

Donna S.

“I attended because Victor was my son's therapist while in treatment. My son told me Victor was awesome and funny. He was not wrong.” 

Belinda C.

Victor has an exceptional level of understanding and expertise. I had no idea that I was a part of the problem. ” 

Robert Sr.

Victor is a Primary Therapist in the substance abuse/addiction profession and has been a sober more than 38 years. A published author and speaker, he holds an MA in Organizational Leadership, a Minor in Servant Leadership, BHS in Human Services, and an AAS in Substance Abuse/Addiction.

Victor Lee

888 280-0581


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