Who Are You Going To Be?

A homeless drug addict had an unexpected encounter with a stranger that changed everything.

  • Who is responsible for the change you seek?
  • What has you stopped?
  • Where are you accepting less than what you are capable ?
  • When would now become a great time to change?
  • How about today?

Having spoken across the country to the wealthy, the poor, corporations, treatment centers, youth correctional facilities, prisons, schools, conferences, and more, I can tell you that we are no different than anyone dealing with what seems an insurmountable challenge. Today my blessing is recognizing the power of overcoming the odds. Counting my victory as a gift, my goal is to reach those still struggling by arousing the same hope in them as was ignited in me.

What you don't know about being an addict!

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If your students' training to work with addicts has not been engaged by a Substance Abuse/Addiction professional, you and they are missing it!

The goals of this session are to better appreciate and understand addiction from the addict's vantage. It is about feeling and experiencing the impact on them and how you can become more effective at:

  • Engagement
  • Understanding
  • Learning
  • Growing
  • Supporting
  • Making a Difference

“Loved how he got over 500 people up participating! Good information and very motivating!”

Eve H.

“Words cannot even express how good Victor was. It was like an awakening..” 

Donna S.

“Victor Lee is simply a ROCKSTAR, SUPERHERO! His amazing speaking style built on personal life experience delivers to any audience.”

John C.

“Outstanding speaker. Excellent! We should have him return for more sessions/workshops. Thank You!"

Karen M.

"Victor's story is nothing short of what I now believe is possible for anyone seeking to overcome what, in his words, "Only believes it has us stopped." His style is warm and inviting. His passion and gift for reaching and touching others are undeniable. I was so blessed to hear him. I had given up, and then something said to me, give it a chance. I am so glad I did. No matter what you are trying to overcome, his words will give you a whole new perspective on what's possible."

Sandy R.