There is nothing more powerful to move your agenda than opening your event with a powerfully inspiring keynote. Victor will fire up and re-energize your #1 customer, your people. He will masterfully remind them of their value while ushering in new plateaus for them to consider which are in line with where they already aspire to achieve. He will leave them touched, moved, and inspired and they will be glad to have shown up at your event.

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COACHING Individual and Group

Whether titled a seminar, webinar or workshop, we provide these on several topics. All are relative to the needs of individuals, organizations always with each individual and their customers in mind. Some of the benefits of these sessions are personal development, professional communication, renewed motivation, learning, enthusiasm, higher productivity, personal fulfillment, job satisfaction and self-care.

We delve into the problem areas of personal and professional life, assisting each in looking at these newly. Participants will learn to stop being at the effect of their challenges. Instead, they will gain tools for becoming the cause in the matter of what they want for themselves and thier lives. Mostly, you will go from perceived weakness to strength as you develop a newfound passion and work ethic for what you seek.

"It is not enough to say that we are doing all we can when what we are doing is not working!"


Individual Coaching, Family., High School Assemblies (grades 9-12), Webinars, and Workshops

A clean and sober addict for for more than 3 decades, my Arizona Non-Profit Organization is committed to educating the community, families, teachers, students and educators on substance use and abuse. At GBB "All lives matter. "

Disclaimer: We do not provide any Arizona licensed substance abuse services however, we are more than happy to act as a conduit for referring treatment needs beyond our scope of service.