There is nothing more powerful to move your agenda than opening your event with a powerful and inspirational keynote. Victor will re-energize and fire your people up! Reminding them of how special they are, he will masterfully usher in new plateaus for them to consider leaving them glad they showed up at your event.


COACHING Individual and Group

Whether titled a seminar or workshop, we provide these on several topics. All are relative to the needs of individuals, organizations always with their customers in mind. Some of the benefits of these sessions are personal development, professional communication, networking, renewed motivation, learning, enthusiasm, higher productivity, fulfillment, and job satisfaction.

We delve into the problem areas of personal and professional life, assisting each in looking at these newly. Participants will learn to stop being at the effect of their challenges. Instead, they will gain tools for becoming the cause in the matter of what they want. Mostly, you will go from they go from weakness to strength as you will develop a focus and thought process on those things you want. For businesses, we use a consultative approach. Based on company culture, morale, current climate, and objectives, we tailor a plan just for you. We consider your mission statement, and everything we do is in line with achieving that end.


Presentations, Workshops and School Assemblies

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Our Arizona Non-Profit is committed to educating the community, parents, teachers, and students on substance use and abuse. We are also a conduit for available services for those who may need treatment, counseling, or family therapy. For us all lives matter.