Our Services


There is nothing more powerful to move your agenda than opening your event with a powerfully inspiring keynote. Victor will re-energize your agenda. He will leave them touched, moved, and inspired and they will be glad to have shown up at your event.


Whether titled a seminar, webinar or workshop, we provide these on several topics. All are relative to the needs of individuals, organizations always with each individual and their customers in mind. Some of the benefits of these sessions are personal development, professional communication, renewed motivation, learning, enthusiasm, higher productivity, personal fulfillment, job satisfaction and self-care.

Family Substance Abuse Education

Addiction is a family disease. What is meant by this is that everyone connected to a suffering loved on is impacted uniquely. In our family addiction program, "What You Don't Know About Addiction" we provide you invaluable information so that you can not only understand the experience of it, but also be more effective at helping your loved one while not harming yourself.

COACHING Individual and Group

"Victor understands the challenges of taking oneself on and dealing with whatever we find. His personal journey of redemption has resulted in 37 years of victory over addiction and a sometimes difficult past. He also knows first hand that what we don't deal with, will eventually deal with us. Freedom is not free and yet it offers us what most things can only promise.