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My name is Victor Lee. I want to support you as a freelance facilitator. Hiring a contract coach/speaker/facilitator can be an enormous commitment; however, the health and well-being of your clients/patients are worth it. So, let's explore your goals and the best way for GBB Inspirational Recovery, to support you. Or better yet, bring me in and watch me work!

What if your clients/patients could experience a new sense of accountability, trust, determination, authenticity, and aliveness through new levels of self-discovery and more, which invigorates them with more power and freedom as they journey through the unique experience of learning how to live in recovery?

Instead of putting your clients on a hamster wheel, we look at your end game—their success. We facilitate programs that provide robust and inspirational concepts to help them achieve what some do not believe is possible. My ability to share my journey shamelessly gives me entrée' into the hearts and guards of those I speak to. I was once them before I learned that the beginning of surrender starts with accepting what I already have is not working. This allows us to embrace the possibility of things now unimaginable.

Almost four decades of sobriety have convinced me that our problem is not drugs. Once experienced as fun, chemical use has since become a means of coping with personal issues, some we never knew we held. These include poor self-image, trauma, depression, abuse, anxiety, guilt, abandonment, shame, anger, and more. I have also discovered relapse to be a means of escaping the challenges of change. The great news is we meet your people right where they are to assist them in embracing the freedoms available only through recovery. We do this by supporting them while they make complex changes with the end in mind of leaving them touched, moved, and inspired by the experience.

A Few of Our Programs

Living Sober Series

This 2-hour PHP/IOP session will teach your clients to identify and embrace the need to change. To get there, our why must be powerful enough to propel our transformation while dismantling whatever stands in the way.

This 2-hour PHP/IOP session will engage the client in looking at their past from a place of reference and not a place of residence. To get beyond the past, one must first accept that although their history may have been a little jagged, their future is spotless. We help them embrace this and to begin creating a future they love and enjoy.

This 2-hour PHP/IOP session has the client consider the drama in their lives and the role (s) they play. When having a part, it is impossible to see ourselves. This teaching helps illuminate the behaviors that prevent them from entering or starting the drama they despise.

This 2-hour PHP/IOP session dispels the idea that guilt and shame are the same. However, in doing so, we go a step further and expose another reality. They must heal shame to invite the actions necessary to make amends.

This 2-hour PHP/IOP session will challenge each to recognize the value of effective communication. They will learn their style of communication, where communication fails, the impact, and how to become more effective at communicating ideas, feelings, desires, and needs.

This 2-hour PHP/IOP session will support your clients in how to create a healthy balance in the areas of physical, emotional, and intellectual boundaries and understand why we develop and attract unhealthy relationships.

We also offer Narrative Therapy, Art Therapy, Family Education and more........

Victor' s "MAKING SENSE OUT OF" Collection

“This book Making Sense Out of Addiction, is a must-have for anyone beginning the journey of recovery. It can also be a great tool for those who love someone dealing with addiction. Victor, your passion for helping those in need gain the knowledge to save their own lives is inspirational.”

Jorn LeBlanc, COO,

Recovery Services



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Victor Lee


Professionally speaking, for 22 years, Victor Lee has worked with clients supporting Substance Abuse and Addiction Recovery. He is a Primary Therapist who has been Sober for almost four decades. He understands the challenges of getting and maintaining sobriety. His organization GBB Inspirational Recovery offers a Personal Development centered approach to recovery. A master facilitator, he can make inviting even the most challenging topics. He mentors with passion while maintaining a therapeutic perspective and environment. As a result, patients/clients quickly recognize that the real problem is not drugs or alcohol.  

Victor is the author of Making Sense Out of Life’s TrialsMaking Sense Out of Addiction, and Making Sense Out of Reflections. He holds an MA in Organizational Leadership, a Minor in Servant Leader, BHS Human Services, AAS Substance Abuse & Addiction, a Licensed LSAT, and a Certified Staff trainer for the AZ Dept of Corrections. Victor has worked as a Primary Substance Addiction Therapist in AZ. Victor will leave your client/patients touched, moved, and inspired.

Here's what past attendees are saying:

Youth Corrections Facility, Pennsylvania

Having spent 20 years in prison, I was just in treatment to get out. I gave Victor a lot of problems. I had stayed sober while in prison but had not dealt with any of my behaviors. One day when I interrupted the class, he asked me if I was fighting to keep the life I had. Today free for three years, I am committed to recovery and happy for the first time.


He was not embarrassed to use his life experiences and how he overcame his trials and tribulations. I learned that patience, persistence, and action are essential for recovery. Thank you, Victor!!! I will forever be indebted to you!!!


When Victor and I crossed paths, it was at that moment that I felt a connection of care. I was challenged and loved during a time of fear and uncertainty. What we began a few years ago has assisted me in becoming the man I am today. I am proud and grateful for this journey.


I had the privilege of completing Victor's six-session family workshop. In the co-dependency and enabling session, I shared that my husband and I have spent our entire retirement on our child's addiction. We realized that our actions not only harmed our child but ourselves. We must now allow him to help himself. We will always love and pray for him.


When I met Victor, his depth of experience, sharing, and teaching style made it real. He believed in me and gave me hope. Today, I live a sober and transformed life. I have the family I have always wanted am grateful for his support. But I still have a long way to go.


Victor taught me that addicts often use drugs to cope with and mask their challenging areas of life. He also helped me realize that addicts want to change; however, the work often seems impossible. Finally, I had to accept that until my child was ready, the change would not happen. I will always remain hopeful.


Victor's sessions were so heartfelt and genuine. His experience allows him to go where others cannot. Even while resisting, he can effectively move patients to a place of change. His pure raw emotion and commitment to recovery are moving, and he is funny. You must hear him and get the impact of this for yourself. He is truly gifted, and I am proof that recovery is possible.


"Having lost my children and been incarcerated multiple times and in nine treatment centers, I was given another chance in AZ. In my first group with Victor, I hated him but did not know why. By the end of the third session, I broke down. Nobody had ever gotten to me like that. Today 5 years sober, I get to live the dream of sobriety just as he talked about, and I get to be a mom to my kids. I never thought it could happen or that I deserved it. It was hard work but worth it. Thank you, Victor, for keeping it real."

Lititz, Pennsylvania

Recovery is about so much more than the daily practice of not using a drink or a drug. It is a process that encourages us to confront our beliefs and behaviors that are not working. There, we learn to accept and practice empowering coping skills as tools for combatting old ways of dealing with and managing a variety of unproductive stresses and patterns. Through this, we create a whole new world of possibility for ourselves while maintaining our newfound sobriety. 




What separates Victor from others is his undying passion for the institution of addiction recovery and what it makes available to those suffering. He brings to this a real-world experience of overcoming his addiction for over 37 years. He is also a licensed substance abuse/addiction professional and a national speaker. His ability to relate to and challenge his audience is unparalleled. He makes it fun even when dealing with the most challenging topics. His use of "we, our, and us" allow him to go where others cannot. His number one attribute is that he cares and takes little time for his audience to feel it.


  • Gonzaga University-MA Organizational Leadership/Minor in Servant Leader
  • Ottawa University-BHS Human Services
  • RIO-Salado-AAS Substance Abuse & Addiction
  • Arizona- Licensed LSAT
  • Primary Substance Abuse Therapist
  • Telehealth/Virtual Delivery Proficient
  • 37+ Years of Sobriety
  • Working Knowledge of 12 Step Recovery
  • Certified Staff Trainer Arizona Dept of Corrections
  • 5 Years Facilitating to Felons
  • Published Author
  • Professional Speaker 22 Years
  • Inductee National Assn of Leadership and Success
  • PHI Theta Kappa


Better yet, book us now and find out why we make a real difference in what

addicts are dealing with and care about.

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